Wind Turbine Bearings

Finally a proven solution for wind turbines…
It is a game changer!

Powhatan, Va (October 15, 2015) – Bob Shortridge, President of Lignum Vitae North America, LLC. Announced today that his company has secured a patent on a new innovative Wind Turbine Bearing.

“Lignum-Vitae is on the leading edge of Innovation for the renewable energy sector. We have saved the Hydro Power Industry significant money in terms of reduced maintenance cost and keeping aging assets running. Now we can offer this technology to the Wind Industry.
” Said Shortridge.

As a result we know that many of you in the hydropower industry will be in charge of the Wind Turbine Assets within your power company. At Lignum-Vitae we understand that keeping your assets generating electricity when you need it is your top priority. Unplanned outages are always costly but Wind Turbines have an enormous maintenance cost associated with them. Bearing failures account for about 57% of mechanical failures in Wind Turbines.

Current metallurgy, lubricants and bearing configurations struggle to successfully handle the loads as turbines grow in size. Renting cranes or purchasing a crane just to service these turbines is a big expense. Lignum-Vitae has 100′s of years of proven performance in rotating equipment. From large ships to large Hydro Lignum Vitae is the answer.

Why is Lignum-Vitae the Solution?
• Lignum-Vitae offers a solution that is adjustable in place, water
Lubricated, non-conductive, removes thrust at source reducing forces downtime.
• Lignum Vitae allows “modular component bearing replacements”
Vs. entire replacement.
• Lignum Vitae removes threat of fire by using water vs. oils resulting
in lower insurance costs.

Finally a proven solution for wind turbines…game changing.
1) Only 100% renewable bearing
2) Non-conductive
3) Non-arching with no shaft pitting
4) Water lubricated
5) EAL lubricated for 3100 and 3168
6) No moving parts lower friction low COF
7) Fully and only adjustable in place bearing
8) Lasts lifetime of turbine 20-30 years
9) Removes thrust at source
10) Modular bearing components for easy field replacement
11) Lower insurance costs from risk of fire
12) Eliminates thrust from reaching gearbox
13) NSF-61 designation eliminating metallic contamination
14) Wear aids in lubrication
15) Works within current bearing configuration
16) Zero potential for fire or explosion
17) Requires no exotic lubricants
18) Requires no exotic metals or new metallurgy
19) Time tested bearing configuration in similar service over 160 years
20) Nothing toxic in manufacturing or in use
21) Dampens vibration and shock
22) Only Environmental Bearing with Positive ROI.