9i-Lignum Vitae Wood Bearing Industrial-Grinder-Steady-Rests

Note the small block of Lignum-Vitae between the crankshaft and the steady rest. Lignum-Vitae is very steel Friendly. It polishes steel which makes it ideal for Industrial Manufacturing.

The Problem:  

  • When manufacturing a crankshaft you need to do precise finish work and a product was needed to hold the shaft in place without damaging the shaft.

The Solution:

  • Lignum Vitae –Steel Friendly- Self-Lubricating with no moving parts and no grease.
  • Polishes steel – Does not: Score, Wipe, or smear steel.


9a Industrial-Tool-and-DIe-used-to-wipe-steel










Case Study

Industrial and Manufacturing

The Problem:

  • Application required 10 hours of continuous operation removing scale and oil from rotating dies without changing the diameter or shape in a hot environment.

Process improvement division was challenged after 200 failed materials with $20,000 of spoiled pipe daily.

The Solution:

  • Lignum Vitae –Steel friendly properties that polishes shaft with no grease.
  • Created World Record by creating 40,000 lin. Ft. of 5”continuous welded pipe.