Hone In Place

Lignum-Vitae North America, LLC (LVNLLC) brings a game changing process to shaft maintenance for water lubricated main guide bearings!

Lignum-Vitae North America, LLC (LVNLLC) brings a game changing process to shaft maintenance for  main guide bearings! Since 1882, Lignum Vitae has led and pioneered the most reliable water lubricated bearing in history. LVNALLC continues to innovate by developing in-plant shaft cleaning technology for aging hydro plants along with the sustainable supply of Lignum Vitae.

LVNALLC is pleased and proud to announce a new patent pending in place hone process to clean vertical shafts. The hone was developed for any plant operating on a rough shaft to prevent unplanned outages due to bearing failures, offering particular advantages for older ageing plants.

Most older plants have a less than desirable shaft surface due to old age, acidic water, plastic/composite scoring, which create scale and rust that grinds on the bearings as it breaks loose causing inordinate wear and premature bearing life. Our hone can be used on shafts serviced by composites and plastics as well, however when used in conjunction with Lignum Vitae water lubricated bearings LVNALLC will offer a full bearing replacement for 10 years.

We custom make our hone to fit any existing slotted, dovetailed, or quarter block configuration on shafts from 4” to 50”. Our hone leaves a bearing finish that allows lignum vitae to keep the plant in service for years well past the intended life. Once cleaned Lignum vitae has the ability to polish the shaft ongoing. Added benefits include vibration reduction, shaft stability, shock absorption and permanent lubrication are all achieved by replacing plastics, composites and installing lignum-vitae in its place.

Initial surveys tell us approximately 75% of all hydro plants in North America will benefit from the use of this hone and bring enormous cost savings due to leaving the shaft in place to perform this service. A typical “in place” shaft milling process requires a space of about 10” around the shaft or to be removed and taken to a shop turned true shipped back and installed. Our hone “in place” service can achieve results with just 1-1/2” space from back of housing to face of shaft! The “old” process can take 4-5 months and up to $250,000 or more, our new hone leaves everything in place eliminating all the expense of removal. Depending on plant conditions our hone process can take only 2-5 days.

With this new innovative hone technology, the proven performance of a century of Lignum-Vitae water lubricated bearings, (superior longevity, no oil, no grease or plastic partials get into the water supply) and our supply ready to ship we are securing hydro power generation for the next generation.  We believe this is and will always be the best bearing solution for old and new hydro power plants worldwide. If you have a flow of water and need a bearing Lignum-Vitae is the answer.

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