List of Customers

Partial Lignum Vitae Client List

Alabama Power

Albany Engineering

Allegheny Energy


Amalgamated Sugar plant

Ameren Power

American Hydro


Andrew Solutions



Army Corps of Engineers

Associated Electric

Bankhead Hydro station

Bear Island Paper

Blewitt Falls Plant

Boise Paper

Bouldin Dam

Boyce Hydro

Bryan Municipality Utilities

Channel 5 Hydro

City of Bryan

Connawingo plant

Decew falls (oldest continuous operating in Canada)

Duke Power

Duke Power

Edison Power

First Energy

Fortis generation

Georgia Power

Hat rapids hydro

Henry Ford River Rouge plant

Hoot Lake hydro

Horsburg Scott

Horseshoe unit #3

Hostetter Industrial

Houston Dynamics

Hydro Components

Hydro Quebec

International Paper

James Leffel & company

Kiser Hydro

Lay Dam

Leitelt Iron works

Lewis & Clinch

Lockheart Power

Luray hydro plant

Manitoba power

Marine Industrial

Marine Restorations

Mayo Hydro

Mechanicsville power station (oldest continuous operating

in the US.)

Menominee Saw supply

Millway Industries

Motion Industry

Mount Vernon grist mill

Nantahala Hydro station

Naval History and Heritage

Command c/o USS Constitution

Neely Henry Dam

Ontario hydropower

Ontario Power

Ottertail power

Piedmont Hydro

Powerhouse Mechanical

R&W Marine Supply

Riverdale Mills


Siemens Marine Resources’

South Korea


Soft Energy

TC American

Teneris Coiled Tube

Transalta Generation

Triple EEE machine

Twin River Hydro

United Hydro

US Dept of the Interior National Parks

Verso Paper


Ware River Power

Wild Rose Machine

Wisconsin public

Wisconsin Public Works